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From Folsom, PA — 04/24/2008

I'm in the Marine Corps reserve. I'm sure there's going to be a post or 2 after this one labeling me as a tampon or something to that affect. After two tours in Iraq, 4 lost friends, and scores of successful missions, I don't take very kindly to that kind of sentiment.
The pay isn't bad. I know some guys who can make a lot more working overtime on a Saturday or doing side work, but then again there are a lot of guys, especially college students, where the reserves is practically all they have. The respect aspect depends highly on the unit you're with, but I think in the reserves junior Marines tend to get more respect. I have a PFC who runs his own Construction company, 2 cops, a fire fighter, 2 engineers, and a concrete worker in my platoon. It would be foolish not to rely on their skills when needed. The benefits in the reserves aren't fantastic but they are getting better. If you are activated, you can look forward to an increse in benefits, esecially the MGIB. Job security: a lot more than most part time jobs can offer. You would think that being a reservist, it would be incredibly easy to balance your work (one weekend a month, 2 weeks in the summer) with your life. But that one weekend comes by pretty fast each month. Those two weeks in the summer can really interrupt work and school.
Career potential is pretty good. Its what you make of it. There is a little bit of favoritism played and its unfortunate. Sometimes the brown nosers get ahead a little faster. I, for one, have never brown nosed and I am known to speak my opinion. I've been promoted as fast as anyone else. No complaints here. Location: in the reserves, you pick the location. If its tough for you, its your own fault. There are ways to transfer as well. Co-worker competence can be an issue. A lot of Marines don't WANT to learn things so that they won't be called upon to do them. But overall, Marine Reservist show a lot of common sense. There have been several active duty Marine who check into our unit and have commented that your average PFC in the reserves is a better thinker than your average PFC on active duty.
The work environment isn't bad. It can be a little frenzied since you often have to cram weeks worth of training into a weekend. But usually the frenzy is taking place at the E-5 and above level. Usually...
All in all I would say the reserves is a different experience than I thought it would be. Sometimes challenging, sometimes a breeze. Things don't always go my way, but I do feel as though I am doing something a little important, or at least part of something important.
Semper Fi
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