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From Wherever they need m — 03/28/2008

Anyone reading this who's considering joining the Marine Corps, let me tell you something. Life in the Marine Corps is not always going to be what you see on TV or what your recruiter told you it would be like. Honestly, it does suck sometimes. Yes, you will put in long hours. Yes, you may be away from your family and have no way to see them for long periods of time. Yes, if your not wearing some rank or brass on your collar you might get crapped on at times. You know what though, THAT'S LIFE! It dosen't matter what you do, there will always be struggle and hardships that you must face at some point in your career. However, if you are one of the very few Americans who can claim the proud title of United States Marine, you can go home knowing that what you do means so much more than anything you could have done elsewhere. For me, that just makes a warm feeling creep up inside. That's something I've never felt at any other profession, and probably will never feel again when I leave. To me, the pride of knowing what I am now vs what I was before is enough. Not everyone feels that way though. Some of the posters here have proven that this life is not for everyone. I only hope that anyone who isn't happy with the decision they made when they decided they wanted to be a Marine doesn't mess it up for the rest of us who wanted more than to just chase around girls in dress blues. If you're one of those people than do yourself and me a favor and call up another branches recruiter. But, if you are someone who wants to make a difference in this world and are willing to invest a little blood, a lot of sweat, and shed a few tears than I will gladly stand beside you and call you my brother. OOHRAH for the greatest little gun club in the world.
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