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From Camp Pendleton (hono — 03/26/2007

Honorably discharged 2002. For those of you complaining about pay, most of you would be making much less as a Civilian. Unless you are a Dr, Lawyer, Civil Engineer or CFO of a large company, quit crying about how you would make more as a civilian. VHA/Comrats are non-taxable and add a lot of money to your pay, but those of you complaining about it obviously have little more than a high-school education and a trailer park up bringing. The Marine Corps did not promise you a bed of roses. My recruiter told me if I was looking for free college money to join the Army or Air Force. There are buttholes everywhere you go; civilian or military. I had some great leaders and some that belonged in the Special Olympics. However if you have no college or job skill traning and want to make a decent living the military is the ticket for your first 8 years. An E-3 married will make close to 40K when it is all said and done. No job with less than 2 years experience or degree will offer you that. An E-3 with 2 years in makes base pay of 1729/Mo. If you are married living off base say in Camp Pendleton you get 1400 per month and aprrox 260 per month for food that is non taxed so that is really like making an additinonal 2500 per month of taxable income. So for all you uneducated crybabies crying about making 40K per year, get the phuck out and take a job at Mc Donald's or driving a forklift for 8.50 per hour. Yeah living in the barracks sucks and is not like living out in town but most of you would not know how to pay your bills anyway. And if any of you turds think you can make 40K with little or no education or a great trade under your belt right out of high school, give me some of that kool-aid you are drinking. SEMPER FIDELIS
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