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From Discharged (Honorabl — 03/01/2007

If you enlisted after 9/11 and didn't expect to go to war, you're an idiot. I spent 7 year in the Corps, including a tour in Iraq, and the last 10 months stop lossed. Iraq sucks, but I would do it again if asked. If you enlisted for the college money and didn't expect to have to pay it back somehow, again, you're an idiot. The pay sucks, but after my morgage, bills etc, I have less as a civilian, without the retirement benefits. As far as the work/life balance, I got out to spend time with my family. My son was 3 months old when I deployed to Iraq. The people I knew were the best people I'll ever work with. I don't think anyone I work with now would lay their life down for me. Basically, to all you whiners, you volunteered. There have been Marines in combat continously since 2001, why didn't you think you would have to go too?
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