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From Santee, CA — 03/22/2010

I got hired at the census as an office worker for the santee office. I must say that the clerk jobs are meticulous, monotonous, and sometimes very boring. However, I needed a part time job and took what I could get. I worked my butt off and got promoted to Office Operations Supervisor, and that was really amazing. Not too many jobs will promote based on ability to work; often times it is favoritism and internal politics, but due to the fast-paced nature of the census, they only pick candidates based on test score, veteran status, and language abilities, and previous census work, which is fair in my eyes.
The reason why they overhire for training is because the census is on an extremely tight deadline. I had to train crew leaders and we invited 3 people in for 3 positions and all quit within the first week because of personal reasons so we had to do a second training, postponing the training for the class the crew leaders were to do, postponing the materials preparation-it was a mess. Its better to train more people (and the training and mileage to training IS paid) than to have not enough people and waste time.
There is a heck of a lot of waste going on, I will admit that. Our office uses a shredding company that recycles and we have a scrap paper box to save that way. The waste itself does not hinder job performance, but it is annoying.
Another downside is the work/life balance. One job takes place for 3 days and one of them is 12am-7am. no way. Also, for the operation that picks up anyone who did not receive a census form, the office is expected to stay open from 6am to 10 am or later. My shift is going to be 12:30-10 eventually which works for me, a single young adult, but for the veterans or people with families, those hours may be rough.
The census reimburses for mileage and any fees like toll booths and phone charges.
I love working in the office because my workplace is diverse, my coworkers are so nice and mostly hardworking, and we can see progress with our work. A job that for me, started as a temporary part time not to exceed 2 months at 12.50'hour ended up as a supervisory position at 17/hour full time temporary with possible extension to the end of the operation (aug-sept). I like my job overall and would recommend office or field work.
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