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From FL — 11/11/2009

I have a year long term with the Census which will probably be extended an extra 6 months beyond that. The pay is fair for the area I live in. No benefits until I have been there a year, and then no employer contribution. Thanks Obama. There is no potential for growth in my office due to what are deemed as "battlefield promotions" and an LCOM that dislikes almost everyone and is a bully. The previous reviewer is correct in saying that they bring back people they like. There are ways to run a cert to get who you want and it is common practice. Also there are ways of not using people again that you just don't like. There is little job security, they can pretty much fire you at will if they choose to. I think the rating of your review has to do with what office you work in. My co-workers are great, my LCOM is awful.
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