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From Manassas, VA — 06/08/2009

Hired in January as an enumerator, didn't actually start work until April. Pay was decent, $18/hour, plus mileage. You could set your own hours so if you couldn't work it was no problem. Only problems I saw were:

1. Testing - this process is WAY too long and drawn out...Thousands test for only a handful of positions. They overhire...our class had 20 people who passed the test & training session/test but only 14 hand held do the math..without the computers you can't work

2. Testing procedure...from the time you take your test until your phone call telling you that you are hired expect about 2 months....Also, you were told to bring with you copies of A, B & C...only to arrive for your testing session and some people didn't have the required documents or didn't fill them out and the entire class had to wait for everyone who didn't follow directions to do it then (this took up to an hour for you to sit and wait for those who didn't follow directions)

Hey GAO, next time you write a report on the hiring process include something like if applicants show up without the required documents completed they are asked to everyone time & money!

No benefits, but you are told that when you are hired so nobody should expect any

Job security - we were told we would be working 10 weeks on 10 weeks off...we only worked a little over 2 weeks...because of the large number of enumerators and authorized overtime the work was quickly completed for our area...local office is opening soon...hundreds if not thousands are apply for the 6 positions they have open right now

Co-workers - you hardly ever see mainly work alone, at your own pace, on your own schedule...everyone in my training class was pretty smart, great group of people. Crew leader & assistant were great people, love to work with them again.
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