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From California — 08/19/2010

I don't understand all the negative feedback and political references, this is Title 7 shit of the U.S. Code needs to be done and is not a waste of money. Don't know about the rest of the country but here in California, we did it right.
I was an enumerator for two assignments. Sure, our crew (The 1117's) got to canvass North Long Beach, then Inglewood, which aren't exactly garden spots, but we got the work done. Only real issue was canvassing areas heavily populated by Hispanics, as they generally refused to disclose any informed because they though you'd turn them into ICE. Most of the time, you got a "No speaka English", then I'd go into Spanish (we had another gal on our crew write out the verbage to our survey in Spanish), then get a "No se" out of them. Fine, whatever....I see five people in the house, tell them "I'll just be a moment updating my report" and take the mapspot on my GPS transmitter. Why crews in other states told people they were collecting GPS coords was asinine (just look on YouTube for US Census).
Part time work, $17/hr., getting an "atta-boy" letter from one of the top Census management people saying our office was the best in the state as far as accuracy and production was uplifting...and I was even able to work it in with my other job of doing body removals!
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