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From Warren, MI — 08/18/2010

I feel very badly for the folks on this website who had such terrible experiences. It's too bad because it wasn't like that everywhere. I absolutely loved my job with the Census. I was a Crew Leader and then on this final operation I got the chance to be an enumerator. I thoroughly enjoyed both positions....although Crew Leader was the best. My FOS (Field Operations Supervisor) was terrific and the Assistant Manager of the LCO (Local Census Office) was great. Both were always very helpful and informative and willing to do whatever it took to make my job a success. I did have some awful enumerators, but such is life. I was overwhelmed by the caliber of crew that I had and by the staff of the office. Everyone worked hard and were diligent in doing their job to the best of their ability. I feel like I learned alot about the US Census Bureau (good), the American people (mostly good) and myself (hope it's good). It's too bad that not all LCO's were run as efficiently. Those slackers (for lack of a better word) make this whole process look bad and like a waste of money when in reality it is a very important function as determined by our forefathers. (look up some of the old census questionnaires and be grateful for the simple questions we had to ask!!!)

Glad I was part of the 2010 Census!!!
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