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From Oregon — 05/19/2010

I work for this company for 4 years as an Retail Wireless Consultant. I absolutely LOVED it for the first 2 years. I couldn't have asked for a better job. It was fun, payed very well, and I felt appreciated. Everything started going down hill after the first 2 years. I informed them I needed to go down to part time 4 months in advance because I was going to go to school. They didn't allow me to change to part time status until 2 months after I requested so I was tackling school and work at the same time which was near impossible. Our locations quotas were in a much higher tier than our next closest location which was a much bigger city than us and it was near impossible for any of the RWC's to meet it so they were breathing down our necks every minute of the day. There were many times we were told that if we didn't make quota we may not have a job to come to in the near future. Very stressful environment! There is absolutely NO work/life balance. Your working every minute of every day, whether its customers calling you on your personal/work phone, or being sent on several overnight training's on your only days off which are usual in another state or at least 3 hours away. I must admit, this company is by far the highest rated in customer service and satisfaction. But I wouldn't recommend working for them unless you are completely prepared to dedicate your LIFE to U.S. Cellular.
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