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From Des Moines, IA — 11/04/2009

I was shocked when I read the previous reviews about US Cellular. As with any workplace, the people that rated US Cellular in this way I have to believe either work for an independent agent (who's standards are not that of corporate USC) or were not a good fit in the environment they are hired. I say this not as a biased employee, rather there is overwhelming evidence of this based on the annual Culture Survey.

The Culture Survey is a comprehensive, anonymous survey that this year 98% of employee's participated in. Of the 98%, 94% agreed that US Cellular is a great place to work. In this year of economic turmoil where jobs are being lost daily and corporate greed is more common then exception, this says so much about the unique qualities of US Cellular.

I have worked for a variety of companies throughout my life, including 4 years in the military, and have never been so proud to work for a company and so happy to wake up and go into work each day. I have been promoted within the first year and a half of working here and my boyfriend (whom I met while working here) has been promoted twice within 2 years. Neither of us have degrees yet who we are, our character and behavior, are what is valued and rewarded which motivates us to lead in the same way.

The business model says it all: effective leaders leads to associate satisfaction lead to customer satisfaction leads to business results. And associates are rewarded; amazing pay, some of the best company benefits I have ever heard of including medical benefits from day 1 (including part time), 401k, 100% tuition reimbursement, and even assistance in purchasing computers and adoption.

Anyone would be lucky to work for US Cellular, and its a long process to get hired for that reason. I can understand that there are likely 'bad apples' in leadership and front-line that can result in associates not being satisfied, but I guarentee they won't last long!
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