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From Appleton, WI — 09/27/2009

US Cellular is a great place to work...for those that speak badly of the DO they don't get is truly a great thing when done correctly and can certainly provide both professional and personal benefits.

Flexibility and the ability to think outside the box is extremely necessary with US Cellular, but we have amazing leadership, amazing reception, and amazing plans (as of 6/09) tell me ANYONE that can compete with the 1k nat plan. The focus on work/life balance is nice but, could be a bit better I think....but again..when you work retail hours and make a sales should know what you are getting into. I choose to be a leader in this company tho there is no doubt in my mind I could make more as a RWC....upward mobility is high....and I hope to take advantage of that....

Bottom line is this...i've had 22 jobs in 13 yrs...lived all over the country (6 states) numerous times....and US Cellular is my wireless carrier and employer of choice. I've worked for several of the top employers in the country (Verizon Wireless, Best Buy Corporate in Bloomington, MN, etc) and I still believe in something better with US Cellular.

The Dynamic Organization is akin to the Great Experiment...and it's not about feeling good or things always being perfect....but the principles and fundamentals it's based on I TRULY BELIEVE are sound and will enhance a person....I also have seen it in action....when it works wonderfully. Nothing's perfect...but I tell you what 'Ol Jack's got a hellva a good idea...that has grown and matured...and I see nothing but good things in our future.
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