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Job Security2
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From Schaumburg, IL — 08/05/2008

I worked on a contract with US Cellular and the first this to say is that management STINKS here. The benefits and salary for employees are good, the work/life balance can't be beat. You can work here without doing hardly any work and no one will notice. Management spends so much time in meetings they have no idea what is going on with their employees, they are completely incompetent and should not even be in management positions. Lots of employees had GREAT ideas for how to improve things and they were brushed aside. There were plenty of employees who would say they had something going on at home and just work from home so they didn't have to come in, it is basically allowing people to take days off without have to use up vacation or sick time. And management is clueless because they are so out of touch. I wouldn't recommend working here to anyone unless you want a job were you do nothing and get paid for it.
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