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4.9Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Bloomington, IL — 07/17/2008

Pay: Certainly competitive with the rest of the industry.
Respect: It's one of the core values of the company and while there are certainly exceptions, it is expected and generally practiced.
Benefits: GREAT...including tuition reimbursement, as well as an interest free, discounted PC purchase plan.
Job Security: In today's employment market...excellent. It does come with expectations of operating within the values of the company...all of which are just good ways to live both personally and professionally.
W/L balance: It's retail...if you choose a career in retail, you know what to expect. Of course there are other departments within the company that offer more traditional work hours, but I like the varied hours of the retail sales environment.
Career/Potential: Great opportunity if you have a desire to grow with the company. The company just launched a new program to develop future leaders.
Location: I work where I live, but wish we had markets in another area, where I'd like to relocate.
Co-workers: Our training here is excellent and every associate must be able to complete a final check before being able to work on the floor.
Work environment: Overall, the best place I've ever worked. If there's an issue, I'm able to provide that feedback and know that it is heard.
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