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From Waukesha, WI — 07/07/2008

I worked in a USC call center for almost 2 years beginning in 2006 and it was a fantastic experience! My coaches touched base with me every month to review my goals and career development plan. I was promoted to tech team after 1 year in cust service. Benefits were awesome but my pay was below average because I had no previous customer service experience. Some of my more experienced coworkers, however, were making over $16/hr.

I felt respected and valued. USC invested heavily in our training and development. They really focused on the "Dynamic Organization" (D.O.) core values, which are customer focus, respect for associates, empowerment, ethics, pride and diversity.

As far as job security, it's not very high because unless you have a positive attitude and really love helping the customers, you won't last long at USC. I lost count of how many of my fellow associates were let go due to poor attendance, crappy attitude or violating customer privacy rules.

The location was right off the highway but still took me 20 minutes to get to.

I left after accepting a promotion to our parent company, TDS.
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