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From Seattle, WA — 01/29/2010

Pay - I personally feel like the banking industry needs to pay their tellers more. I was a teller and got paid 10.50 from US Bank in Seattle, WA. They want you to sell product after product, balance every night and deal with irate customers for 10.50?! Amazing.

I felt like the stability of my job was good. During the beginning of the recession, the company had hourly employees, full-time from 40 hrs to 38hrs which is way better than being fired. I liked that part. Oh and salary employees got a 2% cut. Also they do offer positions for advancement, but often advertise to the public so those become taken.

The benefits were good and had a lot of choices. They let you invest in their 401(k) when you start employment unlike annoying places that put you on a 30-90 day wait. I must say US Bank was extremely professional with our celebrations and how they treated their employees when they actually made money!! I was a teller in the Bellevue district. Anyone who works for US Bank knows about the Bellevue district in Seattle because we were #1 nationally, so our parties were nice. They let us have a hotel room to ourselves with one guest and an awesome auction party with Wii, Playstations, $500 gift cards from Best Buy, etc. I don't know how that will be with other districts that aren't performing.

I have to agree that US Bank charges ridiculous fees on their checking accts unless you make them money by have a couple of thousand in your acct. i had to put up with a lot of people saying "omg. $5 money order?!" YEAH. a FIVE DOLLAR MONEY ORDER.
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