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From Fort Polk, LA — 05/27/2010

Location is a no brainer for those who have been to JRTC and the surrounding area. I don't blame the Army for this but just being honest to all that might come to Fort Polk.

After reading some of the reviews about the Army... I must admit that I'm a little ashamed of a lot of the negativity. There isn't a perfect job out there in the world. You will still have crazy people you'll have to work with.. locations that suck.. and so on. But half the problem in the Army currently is the quality of soldiers coming in now! This isn't the Army that it was when I joined 12 years ago! Although I blame the soldiers for 50% of the issues they cause.. I blame their leadership (past and present) as well as their parents or guardians for the other half.

Do the right thing always! Be competitive but not "cut throat-ish". Look at the big picture for each mission. Plan for what will and can happen before it happens... and use the Army for everything its worth (benefits)!
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