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From Little Rock, AR — 03/03/2009

I've been in the US Army Reserves for 10 years. Things are different for reservists, I understand, but I love job in the Army. (I loathe my civilian job.)
The pay actually isn't that bad, givem that it's not dependent on how much you produce or sell or that you are even improving yourself. I'm actually in a position now where I'd be making more on active duty than I do at my regular job. How bad is that?
There is some issue with earning respect, however, rank must always be respected. (and just like any other job, there will always be some idiot that's got more rank than you.) As long as you are doing the right thing, the respect will eventually come.
The benefits are probably some of the best when it comes to education. Also, you have to consider that in most cases many expenses (even incidentals) are covered. Think about how much a gym membership would cost you- there are plenty of free places to work out on any military post. Not to mention discounted rates on mortgages, and other military related discounts- even shopping at the PX or commissary!
Assuming that the president does not decide to downsize the military (like we've done in the past)- there will almost always be job security in the military.
For a reservist, the balance between work and your home life/civilian job can be (and usually is) tenuous.
The growth potential in the military in unlimited. As long as an individual is constantly improving themselves personally and professionally- no one can stop you from becoming general. I really believe that.
I'm neutral on the co-worker competence bit. Just like any other job, you've got your slackers. But I have found that the motivated folks in the Army are even more motivated than folks I've met on the outside.
The work environment for the Army can be such a broad range of things- sometimes very exciting and sometimes just plain crappy. The trick is being able to enjoy the exciting and laugh about the crappy.
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