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From Denver, Colorado — 01/17/2009

I currently work at TSA. I don't intend to stay here for more than a year or two, but as far as jobs go, this one is pretty darn good.

The supervisors, leads and management are mostly competent, and the ones that aren't, there are always plenty of others around you can go to.

Denver has one of the highest locality pays of all the airports, so that's a plus, but honestly, most entry level positions outside the government don't even offer ANY locality pay. There are also numerous health and savings plans to play around with if that's what you're looking for.

Job security at TSA, particularly Denver seems to be excellent. Very few people have been fired, and all of the ones who have been have deserved it. Some people I with they'd fire more of.. such as the folks who stand around avoiding work, and complaining about their jobs.

As with any large-scale operation, gossip and petty rivalries tend to be a problem, occasionally giving a very junior-high atmosphere to the whole airport.

There are excellent opportunities for advancement, since TSA tried to promote from within their ranks first, and there are innumerable tools open to motivated individuals seeking employment, especially in the federal government.

There are always new programs being run, so, again, for motivated individuals, there's all sorts of cool things to do to shake off the boredom. And there are always new people to meet.

Tedium of the job does grind on you on some days, but again, there are all sorts of collateral duties you can apply for for a change.

This is not the sort of job for antisocial or unmotivated people, mostly because you're dealing with the public.. constantly.. non-stop, all the time. If you hate people, or don't want to work, no sense in getting a job to make yourself and coworkers unhappy.

Lack of coordination between the supervisors, management, leads, and the average screener would be my biggest job-focused complaint. But if you're flexible, and concentrate on doing your job, rather than the politics of it, you'll get by just fine.
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