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From Burlington, Vt — 08/14/2008

Pay, with the differential you recieve for working in certain areas of the country, pay varies. I work at one of the lowest paid diferentials (13%) and still make almost 30k as a newhire. Pay is great considering the "ressesion" we are in.

Respect, My supervisors are intellegent people, who hashed it through the DarkAges of the TSA, some left and came back. There is no retalliation for being honest. And all retalliation is taken and thwarted before it becomes an issue. If you are a good worker and an intellegent person than you will be well respected and admired. Otherwise, if you dont have time or energy for the job, and cant take it seariously than dont even apply.

Job Security, being close to Montreal, CA, means that the airport is not CLOSING down. We are hiring not firing. :)

Life, There are activities that we all do as a team, and invite our families to. We for the most partare friends, and it goes to both checkpoints. We are a small airport so we know everyone. Appx 80 employees. We give and get cards, and birthday cakes. Go out and party, and stay in and watch movies.

Career, Is going up. Alot of disgruntled people are being moved, and some have gained recognition and got new positions in the govt. Yes this is a Govt JOB.

Location, the airport... i moved closer, i did live an hour away. some of my coworkers live in NY and Commute to Burlington via a ferry.

90% of my Coworkers have a degree, and others are not stupid... Its great workig in a place where i can use big words and not get that blank stare.

Work Environment... Touristy... its an airport. it changes everyday. I have a lot of fun there, all of my coworkers get along for the most part and enjoy their jobs. THose TSos that dont, move on and we miss them greatly. We even throw them going away parties... Some come back later on after college during the summer months. It is a full time job. With Benis from day one.

Its a huge responsibility and a Risk working for the TSA... We are looking for things that can take down a plane. Just because you would never bring an explosive on a plane, dosent mean someone else wouldnt. Liquid Explosives are the easiest to hide, and the hardest to detect. Would you want to die becasue someone let their guard down?

Heck you could die doing your job. TSA is a dagerous job. And it takes a certain kind of person to hack it. (I have been working there for 6months)
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