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From Northeast — 07/05/2010

No amount of work is ever enough. Whenever I think I might someday be able to come up for air, the managers call another meeting and give us more ridiculous assignments that are nothing but busywork. What about the mountains of work we already have on our desks? Did you forget about that? When are we supposed to do these idiot projects? We have one manager who is a dirty old man who is just here to flirt with the office administrator and another manager who just hides in his office hoping nobody will remember he's in there. He has no spine, nobody respects him and we all know his days are numbered. (But then again everybody thinks that our office's days are numbered.) The atmosphere here is incredibly depressing and people get in fights all the time. I've finally gotten it together to put my resume out there. Working anywhere else has to be better than this, although I'm glad I discovered Job Vent because I'm checking out the reviews of other companies before I send them my resume. From what I can see, other than Progressive and Walmart, Travelers is the worst company to work for in the United States. So beware the umbrella! (Don't say I didn't warn you.)
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