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Job Security5
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From Texas — 02/28/2009

I unlike many of my co workers actually have worked for other insurance companies, so I can say that Travelers does pay well, or at least better than most! I get respect, because I give respect. Period!! In regards to benefits, they are standard which is good. I mean this company, while most others are doing lay offs; Travelers gives a large cross section of it's employees extra money into their 401K. So yes this company does care! Come to work, do the job that you were hired to do for the pay "you" agreed upon and you will have job security!!! Work/life balance? Look I work in claims, I accept the fact that this is a hard job that sometimes interferes with my personal life, if I could not handle it I would be a teacher, and have my summers off. Growth potential, yes it does exist! But first your local service center has to grow, and that is slow right now. Obviously I am not from the millenial generation, I expect to work several years at a high level before I push my agenda of advancement. WAKE UP!! KIDS!! I AM TALKING TO YOU! I say these things because I am a proud employee who works with tremendous peers and management staff. Like any place there are some out there who feel hurt, or neglected. Honestly, they should resign as their poor attitude is the poison that inflicts it self on the rest of us who care. I have my good days and bad days, but over all I love showing up to work knowing that most of my peers and all of the management want us to succeed! Love ya H-town !!!! Haters leave us alone and resign!
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