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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From Washington State — 01/17/2009

Pay: very good pay, but you will only earn great pay if you are lucky enough to be in an office with high achievers
Respect: high degree of respect is demonstrated from management if you earn it and always do what is expected of you
Benetis: better than what many have, and it is certainly nice to have benefits
Work/Life Balance: OK if you are a time-card employee.
Job Security: it more secure here than it is working for most competitors, but not extraordinarily good
Work/Life Balance: OK if you are a time-card employee.
Career Potential/Growth: unable to comment. Things are working out OK for me.
Location: not very many offices - lots of "virtual office" employees - I like that, but some people don't
Co-worker Competence: lots of tenured, long-term employees
Work Environment: actually pretty good compared to major competitors, especially when it comes to claim operations

I like Travelers. I have been in claims for more than 20 years. I have been at Travelers almost 2 years. It is a far better place to work than my prior employer. Some people struggle with change and increasing demand on accountability. Both are actually very good things, but not comfortable for anyone that thrives in a status quo environment. Status quo does not fly here and if you just want to do your job and be left alone, claims is probably not a good place for you to be.
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