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From danver ma — 09/04/2010

There are so many things wrong with this company; it will take several pages to list them all. Let's get this straight. There is no such thing as Secure, Respected and Cared for. This is especially true with the employees. It is only a slogan! This company should be hit with a class action lawsuit some day for their treatment of their employees. There is a HUGE amount of favoritism! I really hope something changes or a class action suit should happens (ASAP), because there is entirely too much unfairness in this company as well as inconsistencies depending if you are a favorite. As others have mentioned that unless you are a “teacher’s pet", your chances for job advancement are slim to none. If you are unfortunate enough to have an mgr that has more mood swings than a playground swing set, as I did, you are in real trouble. The favoritism is so blatant it was a laugh. Can you imagine being told that you may not take a break on busy days? Well, it is true. We were told it is a gift. So, I have an hour off for lunch that I have to punch in and out for (that means my time) and I am not in titled to any other breaks (?) and am told when to take my lunch to be sure that the phones are covered. So if assigned a 2:30 lunch you will have worked 6 ½ hours without any breaks. Is this even legal in Ma? Management is also often not available to answer phone calls for escalations or other emergencies. It would be nice if management could offer a hand every once in awhile rather than complaining about how high the work load is. Instead they are usually away from their desks and unable to be found or are very BUSY chatting and laughing with other mgrs. And god help you if you weren't on their good sides, as they would often find little ways to make your life unbearable. One way is by reviews which are based on THEIR interpretations of your work. If you are a favorite it is listed as reminder note, but if you are not a favorite you are marked down. Reviews are NOT FAIR too much is left to mgr discretion. Thank god four no more paranoia, no more anxiety attacks or stresses to make me sick. The only sad thing was leaving the friends and co-workers (because without them it would have been much worse). (Except the favorites that get extra help or other perks.) I still have friends that work there, and most of them are miserable. People are jumping ship at Travelers as if they were on a sinking ship. I know of 2 people who were hospitalized for stress related illness. DO YOU WANT TO WORK FOR ACOMPANY LIKE THIS.
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