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From CA — 02/28/2010

It's been 5 years. Now I am becoming unsure. I believe it is becoming too corporate. Too much of the "good ol' boys club". Obviously the economy has hurt everyone, but even this "progressive" company who is here for fun and values is now just cutting out the true workers money for I assume the higher profits. Right, I know I should be happy to just have a job, that pays well with amazing benefits. I am. It has changed from 5 years ago. I miss the old TJ's. . . .or maybe I just miss being a good hard working part time employee not working 50 hours a week (who gets lower raises then others who are not in management )...(yes, I work hard). Blah blah. It has both aspects. It all depends on what side you look on it from. Great job for anyone in college!!
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