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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment4

From Minnesota — 01/04/2010

I find it interesting that Trader Joe's is one of the very, very few companies on this site with a positive average score. And also sad. We get paid pretty well here, but in order to earn what would be considered 'good' wages, you have to become a full-timer, i.e., get on the management track. So when I say pretty well, I refer to the range of pay of all professions and also whether I could survive on just my weekly wages (I couldn't). Retail- and/or grocery store-wise, though, the pay is outstanding. Performance reviews are every six months (used to be every three!) and normally result in at least a minimal wage increase. Benefits are phenomenal. One need only work 900 hours per year to receive full benefits with reasonable out-of-pocket deductions. That is practically unheard of in the working world, and I believe Starbucks is about the only company that's competitive in this regard.
And everything else, and I mean EVERYTHING, is completely subjective and mutable. Some of my co-workers are amazingly competent and hard-working; some do the absolute minimum required to retain their job. "Respect" got a high rating from me because I'm working with managers who treat me with it. Had I written a review a year ago, when I worked at another location with different management, I would have ranked it at about a -4. Location gets a 5 because I can walk to the store or ride my bike; in fact, when the store (a new TJ's) hired its new employees, I believe I heard that over 70% lived less than two miles away. And Bravo to TJ's (specifically, its managers) for 'hiring local.' This, I believe, truly lends the store a neighborhood feel.
I could go on, but other reviewers have said it already. Yep, you will work hard. Yep, they expect a lot from you. Consider it a character-building gym membership that you're getting paid for. Nothing wrong with that!
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