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From California — 02/02/2009

I am a student who is working at Trader Joe's to help pay my way through school. While I do not plan on making a career with the company I still think it is a great job. They pretty much let me hand pick my hours and I really enjoy knowing who is doing the scheduling. I can only review the company as someone who works 3 days a week so maybe it is not as positive an experience for full timers. I know that all the full timers at the store I work at love their jobs though. A previous poster said that California has the most enjoyable and old school stores and that is very likely true. I know that many of the full time staff where I work have been with the company for years and as a result run the store with our core values very much in mind. Our store has the best capitan in California and we have won store of the year 2 times in the past 3 years. Our sales are through the roof and a solid 90% of the people who I work with seem to genuinely enjoy their jobs. We get a great deal of respect from our customers (for the most part) and are seen as a kind of pillar of the community. It is definitely a great job for students and probably most people in general. As a result of the companies popularity it is very difficult to get a job though because you are competing with so many other job seekers.
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