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From Washington, PA — 12/17/2009

I'm a seasonal sales associate in Pennsylvania. I got called about two days after applying for the job I applied for, which is nice that it was quick so I didn't have to wonder. I got called into a group interview, which I wasn't told it was a group one but that's okay, it was fun. We played with toys for a good part of it so they could determine our independence and how we work together, which is something I've never seen before but I liked it. It's a different way to screen your employees.

I know in a lot of places, Toys R Us may not be the greatest place to work for, but all my co-workers are great and most of our managers actually do a lot of work, so I can say the one I work for is actually a good job. I'm 18 and I've worked in retail before, and I have to say I prefer Toys R Us to the theater or clothing store I used to work for. It's not a hard job at all, seeing all the kids is fun, and as long as you can take the complaining parents, you're good to go!

Pay: Minimum wage in my area is only 7.25, but I'm getting 7.75 which is more than I honestly expected as a seasonal sales associate, so they are paying more than they are required for their sales associates which is great.

Respect: Nearly all of my co-workers, and my managers, respect my opinion and my needs. Some even look to me for advice, especially in the electronics department because I've played and owned nearly every game system.

Benefits: I don't know where some of the other reviewers worked, but at my store I'm only a seasonal associate and I still got benefits almost immediately. They aren't cheap, but I don't think any benefits are. The nursing home i work at now is more but you also get more. There are 3 levels of benefits, 1 being the cheapest but you don't get as much, 3 being the highest and you get the most out of it.

Job Security: My store hired 104, that's right over ONE HUNDRED, seasonal sales associates. The corporation required this, but it means most of these associates are going to be out of a job come January or February. Some will keep it, and I know a few of the associates have been there for years and years, but overall knowing you're probably going to be gone after the holidays isn't too good.

Work/Life Balance: My manager knew we weren't getting many hours because she was required to hire so many associates, so she was willing to change my availability very easily so I could get a second job. She also knew I have an infant daughter, so I couldn't really be called into work on a moment's notice and never held that against me. It makes me feel good to know they are willing to work around my busy home life.

Career Potential/Growth: It seems like there aren't very many mangers, and those who are managers have been there forever. During the regular year there aren't very many associates, so most of the over one hundred seasonal ones they hired won't get to stay, which isn't very good for growth or potential.

Location: My store was located next to a nearly abandoned mall, but don't think that it doesn't mean we didn't get busy. The mall may be empty other than a cloth store, a nail salon, and a department store, but we were SLAMMED nearly every day close to the holidays. The mall lot being empty made it so there was plenty of parking and decent parking even for the employees.

Co-worker Competence: I've really only had trouble with one co-worker, and I think she was in a bad mood. The rest of the time, the employees all really respect each other and try to have fun and enjoy each other's company, which is great for it being holiday season and us being really busy all the time and some nights staying til 1AM or later to get the store clean.

Work Environment: The store was messy, but that was at no fault of the store or the employees when there are hundreds of people going through the store every hour tearing it up. Every employee was nice to each other and we had fun joking around, but still it seemed like nearly everyone worked hard to do their job well.

OVERALL: I'd recommend working to the Toys R Us in my area to ANYONE who asks!
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