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From AZ — 09/13/2009

It isn't THAT bad, but then again I am just a teenie that only works twice maybe three times a week. In all honestly if you are looking for a job in this economy, as a teenager you aren't going to be that lucky. I applied to fifteen other places and never got a call.

The people are SUPER cool! The constant nagging for an IC, BPP and batteries from the managers is all apart of their job because in the end THEY get yelled at by bigger people! After a while, the seven questions are so embedded in your mind that they just come out, and even if it makes people stare at you as is you've grown seven heads-just laugh along. Because it is just a job, even if the pay isn't as great, you grow character.

Balancing work, life, and school gets a bit hectic when I'm taking advanced placement class. They respect students and care about your personal life. Even though they write you up for calling in when you can't come in, it makes sense, because it gets really crazy when people don't show up for their shifts.

Hah! I doubt I could even advance in my career because I am not even able to enter the back room. I feel secure in my job, it's my first job so I'm not really sure what other jobs are like...But I like it. They treat me as an adult, and expect more of me because of what I have shown them what I am capable of.

Benefits... I don't really need the benefits because I am dependent on my parent's for that but from what I've heard from my co-workers, it isn't looking so good for full time workers. They are going to cut off most of their benefits in the upcoming year. And that is very sad, because many of the long term workers have been given part time shifts and that forces them to have to get another job to sustain themselves/family.

Location is great! Restaurants, stores, and other fun places are in walking distance.

Co-workers, especially the ones that went through the training process with you, instantly become your buddies. And everyone else too...if you have a positive attitude. Even though it's difficult at first, the experienced workers and managers are there to help you. Just ask! They won't tell you off if you don't know where a certain toy is. Although re-shop is THE most annoying task they give you at the end of a shift, it's fun to trade with another co-worker who has a toy you know it's "special" place and vice versa.

I will definitely not be the 9+ worker who knows EVERYTHING, because I do not want to work there my entire life, and have to live paycheck to paycheck.. Just go to college and leave these jobs for teenagers.
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