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From cincinnati ohio — 10/01/2008

Hello to anyone who is bashing this company! Speaking from being out in the "real world" and having TQL not being the first real job I have ever had...this job is excellent! Yes you bust your rump...yes you work some long hours...but after the first is smooth sailing! I feel like all these people bashing this company are those that were too lazy to pick up the phone to be a real salesman or woman. It takes dedication and they set you up to have your own business. No one said making 6 figures at any job would be easy right??? I get more thanfairly for what I do, I love my job and the people there make it a great place to be. Everyone who possess a job will have complaints but my pay totally outweighs the negatives. I feel that those who have been disgruntled and have time to sit here and vent are slightly pathetic people..Anyway it is a fact they lowered our benefit cost last year..they gave the struggling brokers a base salary and we are in a nice facilty that we can work in,eat in and work out if you so desire. People that are looking at this sight prior to applying...take it with a grain of salt, all the negatives..if you have drive and can talk to people like normal human'll be just fine!
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