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From Cincinnati OH — 05/12/2008

My name is Scott Adams and I was a LAE at TQL from October 2005 until January 2007. I have read alot of the reviews on this site, some of which I agree with and for the most part alot that I dont agree with. My situation was alot different from the majority of people that get recruited by TQL, people fresh out of college, the majority of which are athletes, reason being I would imagine because athletes tend to be extremely motivated and refuse to fail and give up and that was the type of attitude TQL strived for in its every day business. Myself, on the other hand for anyone that knew me while there was a married father of two young boys that hated to work out and had a little gut hanging out, but I digress.

Yes, there were extremely long hours involved and Yes, the stress level was very high. From the time I joined the company until the day I left in january 2008, I worked my tail off. No one that knew me there can ever say that I was not one of the first people there and the last to leave. When I joined the company, I was made aware of the committment that was needed to be successful, aware of the attitude needed to be successful. During the interview process when I shadowed fellow brokers, they had me sit with Cory Wolgamuth who at the time was one of the top 4 brokers in the company. Cory was a 22 or 23 year old kid and here I was at age 33 listening to his every word about the daily perils of the position. I must have asked at least 20 questions to him and another fellow Jason Stephens. I knew what I was getting myself into. I interviewed with Gary Carr, still one of the nicest guys I have come across in any job I have been involved with. I understood from management what was expected. Having been in the plastics industry prior to TQL for 7 years, I was extremely fortunate to be paired up with a senior broker in Kyle Cummins, who handled a large plastics company and also a large food company as well. Kyle also had Jesse Johnson and Jessica on his team. Having had previous sales experience nothing was promised, however, I knew that if I worked really hard I would be out on the floor in 3 months. Kyle and Jesse were great teachers and motivators. They taught me alot about what it took to be a successful broker. Like any other business I was involved in, at the end of the day it was all about relationships. As a trainee I got in there early and always stayed late. What inspired me the most I would have to say was that I sought out brokers in the beginning that also had families to see how they balanced the work/life. No doubt it was very, very tough. I will still never forget Rick Borkowski now a GM and at the time fellow broker sitting me down and lecturing me on the job. Always took his advice to heart. True to form, I became a broker in january 2006. Again I knew what I was up against and kept pounding away on the phones, I never let a senior broker push me around. I never gave in to people. I just believed in my ability to succeed and make money for my family and that was all. Guys like Lucas, Jim Sandfoss, Marc B, my team captains were always there to help as were my managers always. Until TQL started promotiong within alot fo the GSM's I also went to Gary and Pidge in those first 6 months. Always an open door policy. could always call them. This is all the good things.

Now the not so good in my eyes.

1. Jeff Monte once stated that TQL would never sacrific quantity over quality. Seemingly, this was one of the reasons why I can see so much distaste from some of the reviews read. What really ticked me off was having LAETS in training and also brokers as well going into the load program and just start tagging prospects with no notes, no recorded calls, nothing. The problem was initially going to be resolved through an effort by the sales managers but it was never enforced and this made things all the more frustrating.

2. Nepotism and Favoritism- To be a successful broker you had to consistently pound the phones period. Work the angles, make relationships. It irked me and alot of my fellow brokers when successful accounts were regulary given to brokers out of sheer favoritism not because of how successful the broker was but at times based solely upon their looks and whether or not the manager had a chance to date them outside of work. True this happens in any industry yet it was something that just stood out.

3. In the last few months that I was there, TQL developed a more stringent training system by which to determine whether or not a broker in training could be successful by having to perform a number of different tasks in a defined amount of time. I personally thought their methods were a bit too restrictive. I felt that there were a number of mostly young fresh out of college graduates that had the potential and had the drive but because they worked on accounts with high activity did not have the time to prospect or sell because all of their focus had to be on their brokers account. I believe that TQL let some really good people go.

Of course the bottom line is still this, if you are NOT taking a draw from TQL, your chances of being let go are minimal. You really would have to be a pain the rear or screwing up alot to be fired. You all are right, this is a not a business to be involved with if you have high morals. This is not TQL's fault at all. This is the nature of the industry, CH robinson has the same exact issues and they are the #1 brokerage company in the world. For the time that I was there I got to dress how I wanted until we moved into the new building, I got paid decently 25% and TQL took care of all my overhead. In other logistics operations, you may get a higher percentage commission but be prepared to pay operating expenses such as phone, ect on your own.

For the record, I chose to leave TQL on my own due to family medical issues and heading to China for 6 weeks. TQL taught me alot and have no regrets, I still miss the people there alot.
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