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From austin, tx — 11/05/2009

Where to begin? I think that they definitely pay well for Inbound Sales. You gotta know how to sell, thats it! They can easily replace you if you fail to meet quota, but thats anywhere. The bosses are there to stay no room for advancement. The people are pretty jealous of ISRS dept because we make all the $ and they like to hate sometimes. The people within the dept are great people though, you hear a lot of shady stuff though... I think I would go back there if I really needed to, maybe. They have ok benefits, pretty much comparable to any other full time work, but the one that is the best is the free cable services, thats how they keep the employees they have generally. I heard the pay is slightly decreasing now since I left, its still a monopoly though so it kinda sucks that they would cut pay first! Overall a shady company to work for, but its a job...if you can land it though, pretty intensive backround checks and piss tests...
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