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From Canton, OH — 04/03/2009

As a FORMER twc csr, I can't stress how much I love the word FORMER, I definitely sympathize with all of you still in hell's handbasket. It must be a twc course taken amongst supervisors and management nationwide to be as inconsiderate, incompetent, and irrational because for there to be so many even in one building there isn't an ounce of respect given. Benefits worked out well so that was no biggie in my opinion. Actually I was surprised to know there were no jobs shipped elsewhere because of the economy, but the constant changes and new procedures that was mandatory to know IMMEDIATELY made things extremely difficult on top of the demanding work of bein disrespected in everyway under the sun by our "never wrong, always-wanting-credit-to-their-account-because-they-swear-their-teenage-son-didnt-order-porn, not-paying-their-bill-until-their-service-works" customers it made many people quit anyway. I used to work 2-10:30 and by the time you get off work, you go home to your free cable, which meant nothing to me, and try to relax and low and behold you have the same problem that you've been getting yelled at by the idiotic customers about all day and since there's no free cable to watch, you go to bed and wake up to do it all over again...some life balance, huh? As far a growth of any kind in the company, is slim to none, I tried very hard to move out of customer service and applied to many different departments but never got a response the whole nine months I worked there. The location was the only great thing about the job, I could be running late for work, say 1:45, I could still make there on time because I lived so close. Usually with any job its always a few folks you could do without, whether its other csr's or the unsupervising supervisors, but overall once you work there a while you get pretty chummy with co workers and it makes being there a LITTLE easier because you can actually help each other since you can get quicker service than asking the "higher ups". I must say the facility I worked in was nice and roomy the cubicles you work in is ample room but nonetheless the work you're actually doing in that cubicle doesn't compensate for it at all. I'm not a negative person, I just state facts as well as keep it real so when I say this statement it's only because it's true, within the nine months working as a twc csr i would literally have rather gone through a complicated pregnancy than deal with that job, and that's real!
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