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From Portland, ME — 01/23/2009

The company offers very good benefits for health, life insurance, dental, vision, 401K. It's hard to locate a dentist if you're not in certain areas but that's the fault of the state being the way it is and not MetLife the provider.

I can honestly say this is the worst job I've had. Granted it's indoors (nice in the winter) and people are mostly nice and you can wear what you want, but it is constant 'Thank you for calling' and there are no pauses between calls. You are expected to jot notes while talking to your customer, thus not giving them 100% of your attention.

The trainers are exceptional but they spend most of their time talking about the software and not nearly enough time talking about troubleshooting or explaining special situations. This makes the CSR ill-fated when they hit the floor. There is a helpline we can call, but mostly the people answering the phones are failed CSRs who were moved to leadership status. Their personal communication skills are faltering.
It's a good location as far as offices go but I travel nearly an hour, so for me it's kind of a grueling commute some days.

The staff likes to jokingly say TWC (time warner cable) stands for "things will change" and this is no understatement. Things change everyday and you are expected to remember everything that changes or remember where to locate it on the Help screens.

It's truly unpleasant to listen to hundreds of people talking at the same time. What's worse is how the people that call in sometimes treat you. Abrupt, lacking in manners, many of them saying "HUUUH?!" instead of a pleasant "pardon me".

Cable subscribers think you owe them their cable. You don't. It's a privilege, not a right. But try to come between them and their entertainment.

I can't wait for the job market to get better. This job will be the first that I walk out of, not giving a two week notice. I hate it.
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