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From Columbus ,OH — 12/07/2008

I work for TWC and for every positive there is a negative... sure the benefits maybe good but I'm sorry that is not enough. Customer service is responsible for everyone's job not only do you have to deal with customer issues but you also have to do tech support and sales. Most of us signed up for customer service because we don't feel comfortable selling items just to be pushed in that position also some policies need changes. You are given personal and sick days but you have to schedule them and that sucks most jobs give those days to be used at your leisure you can't always predict a sick day or some personal issue that needs immediate attention. Also due to the no tolerance attendance policy it does not matter if you have a valid work excuse for why you were absent along with documentation to support your claim they still point you for it as if not getting paid for that day is not enough. I understand that a certain amount of people are supposed to be on the phones at all times to handle the call volume but if you have a valid reason with documentation it should go as an unpaid excused absence. So how can you schedule that? At most jobs you use those days to cover that time with no penalty (it's when you don't have the time that you get penalized). Also with all the points that they hand out you would think that when they are offering gift cards and other stuff that they would give some option to shave off points! Since they are in the market for saving money shaving points is free! It is also hard for team leaders to address the concerns and needs for their teams when they are too busy doing managements job. We need more training in areas that we are not experienced in and more time needs to be devoted to making your current employees better employees and finding ways to help keep them around instead of ways that help get rid of them. Also the things that are supposed to motivate you to do your job should be a guarantee that you get it not an entry in a raffle I feel that management needs to not only hear our concerns but also take them seriously into consideration in order to make a better work environment for everyone. TWC expects so much out of their employees but they are not living up to the expectations that their employees have of them!
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