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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance2
Career Growth2
Work Environment5

From San Diego, CA — 10/18/2008

Respect? HA! The customer is always sided with and we are just expected to let them yell and scream at us because their services are not working! This is on a daily basis all day long! Why can't they just make stuff work?! And we are micromanaged like it's OUR fault the company sucks so much? I put customers on hold for EVERYTHING POSSIBLE. So I can just fix their services, tell them it's fixed, and get them off the phone so I don't have to deal with them anymore! I wouldn't have any sanity left if I let them yell in my ear while I'm trying to reboot their equipment or do whatever it is I have to do on my end to fix things. They listen to your calls and nit pick EVERYTHING! It feels like their job is to make you feel tiny and worthless.

The benefits are pretty good as far as your options of health benefits and coverage. And free cable is pretty nice. The only thing is the vacation and PTO. The calendar is ALWAYS booked so when can you ever take time off? And if you have a personal emergency you can't use your "personal" time off unless requested and approved in ADVANCE! So you have to use sick days? That's the only thing I can think of. Or else you get written up. And if you get written up that means no raise at the end of the year! Pretty much everyone gets a write up. They find a way. Probably so they can avoid giving you a raise.

Job security is pretty good because we have people working here that don't know what the heck their doing or care if they do a good job but they still have a job I guess because they play by the stupid corporate micromanaging rules. You don't really get write ups for sucking at your job (I'm surprised!). I think it's mainly for breaking attendance rules. Not surprising since they work us to death with all the overtime instead of trying to maintain an ideal amount of staff ALL THE TIME. Gee what a concept.

The Work/Life Balance is not very good for me. I think I stress about work more outside of work than anything! That's how much I hate it.

As far as career growth potential - there's not much. There are people that have invested 4-5 years if not more time doing the same thing. In my case that happens to be technical support. I've invested 2 so far and it's been the longest 2 years of my life! I've applied to other positions 3 or 4 times!!!

The location and the actual PHYSICAL work environment is fine. It's a nice building with a cafeteria and game room and TVs everywhere of course.
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