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From Germantown, MD — 10/30/2009

Good place to work in general. Since 2007 though, and after most of the VoIP development was done, the site is drifting somewhat aimlessly seeking something else to work on. No one knows what plans HQ in Texas has for this site, but let's just say we never felt the love from down South. We had a couple of layoffs recently, early retirement packages, and some serious brain drain after key people quit. Engineers are very competent, specially in the development teams. Management is not all that hot, the usual engineers who should not have been promoted to managers although there are some good ones. Senior management has been notoriously incompetent, more worried about phone bills or individual bugs on a particular project that making sure the ship was going inthe right direction, not good visionaries and incapable motivators. The work environment is good, although in the last couple of years it has suffered after so many good people have left and the uncertainty of what we're going to do.
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