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From kalispell, mt — 08/07/2009

you start at 9.75 and if you actually show up to work you get 75cent raises every few months. in this valley that's more than any person without a nursing degree could ask for. if you respect the people around you, you will be respected. it's a call center there's not a lot of room for you to act out your drama. and unfortunately that's mostly from the "adults". we have full benefits. which with all the health problems i have and medical bills, i'v gotten reinbursed for over $400 in the last 2 months. i also got glasses for free and went to the dentist for the first time. if you actually try and do your job, you have job security. when we had a lay-off everyone who was fired was on one of their last written warnings. (there's a verbal and 3 written for most things) i work 2 jobs and they're really flexible as to helping me fit work around my 18 credits that i'm also taking this fall at college. teletech is one of the best trained call centers in the u.s. anyone who says otherwise, hasn't worked somewhere worth mentioning. as well as, now, i can walk into any banking center and get a job. or transfer to a diff site in another state. my site handles bank of america calls for credit card, online banking, california checking, and reg checking. i worked with credit cards for 11 months and recently switched to cali checking and olb. but it's all about educating customers and finding a way to help them. whether it's immediate like fee credits, or long term as far as advise on investing and planning. location is kinda on the north-west side of town. so if you live south of town there's no way around going downtown. but be responsible and leave on time and it's really no big deal. some people just shouldn't work in customer service.. but since you can never know eVeRyThInG about a line of business you can't judge others on what they don't know. all the info you need is avail, if you just look for it. the enviro is a little dusty, but it's also an old building, so kinda expected. basically i love my job at teletech. i take everything i learn and apply it my own financial accounts and planning. and try to do my best every day. and that's the biggest thing here as well as in any job enviroment.
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