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From Columbia, SC — 07/25/2010

I suppose if I were to simply concentrate only on the negative aspects of my career at Teleperformance after 5 1/2 years, I could quite possibly come up with quite a bit of complaints. However, the truth of the matter is, the majority of people that have chosen to stay, have done so for a reasons. Mainly, the work environment has improved greatly, thanks to the efforts of our previous general manager, as well as our current manager and support team. After reviewing the complaints listed on this site, I have to wonder how many of these individuals have actually voiced their concerns with anyone that could review them in an effective manner. Don't get me wrong, the place is far from perfect. But in truth, there's no such thing in this day and age of a perfect workplace. But I do see tremendous efforts on the part of everyone in upper-management and hr (locally and at the corporate level) doing their very best to review all employee concerns, WHEN they are made aware of issues, that actually seem legitimate (not spiteful, by disgruntled or unhappy ex-employees). Sure, the pay could be better, but considering the unemployment rate here, and nationally, I am greatful that my concerns have indeed been reviewed and when warranted, appropriate action has taken place... especially with the addition of the new DirecTV account. There are a number of other call centers in Columbia that seem to offer better pay, benefits, etc. But from what I hear once they take you on, they "own" you, personally and professionally. The truth is, no one in key positions can take appropriate action to make things better, or correct seemingly wrong-doings, if they are not made aware of this issues some employees encounter. Also, there is a chain-of-command, that leads all the way to the corporate level that WILL address legitimate concerns, usually in a timely manner - in my experience. The bottom line is, you cannot do a mediocre job, come to work only when you feel like it, not report true problems in a timely manner, and then expect things to magically improve; ANYWHERE. I've personally witnessed Teleperformance in Columbia improve dramatically over the years, since it acquired the original CallTech company.
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