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From Columbus OH — 05/18/2010

OK, I'm pretty new to the company so I can't speak a whole lot to many of the topics here. However, the number of extremely negative reviews is distressing to me. Not that I'm terribly concerned about how things will work out for me; it's a job and I'll make of it what I can. In my opinion, there should be some additional questions to be answered before people can post a review. Example : Were you fired from this company? I'd be willing to bet that at least half of the horrible reviews are from digruntled former employees. Several of them admit to being fired within their review. Hopefully people are taking these with a huge grain of salt.
Another example question: have you ever had a job before? When exactly did you leave Wonderland and come to the real world? So many of the things that are an "issue" in the reviews are reality at almost ANY large company. Bosses who are, or appear to be, incompetent; co-workers who bring their drama to work and try to turn the office into a soap opera; substandard equipment. Really?? If these things cause you to become disillusioned with a job or a company as a whole, you are in for a LOT of disappointment in life.
I used to work for one of the best companies in America (a major airline) and I had some crappy bosses and crazy co-workers and had many less than desireable working spaces. Still, it was a job and it was stable and I was happy to have the opportunity. Teleperformance may or may not work out for me; it's too soon to tell. But I'll give it every benefit of the doubt because contrary to reports the pay is excellent for most of the projects, the people so far are friendly and it's only a 25 minute drive from my house. In this economy, please remember that those of us who have jobs are LUCKY. There are business people with 20 years of work history who are trying to get hired at Walmart for crying out loud. To get something that pays almost twice as much as minimum wage and that invests many weeks of time and effort into training should be considered a blessing. If you're considering this company, don't let the reviews scare you off (note how many of them contain profanities or are filled with gross misspellings; very professional). Give it a chance and decide for yourself. That's what I'm doing.
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