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From NA — 04/21/2010

I have to admit some of the comments above are true and some of them are F***ing retarded. I have worked at Teleperformance for 3 years and to be honest, I enjoy it. It's not always the greatest job in the world and the stress level is pretty high, but I have never felt had a job like this before.
The amount of respect I get from my team mates and managers is pretty good. Before I worked there I had never really had a manager that was more than just a "boss" . I think from working there I have really grown and learned many things.

Unfortunatly not everybody has had this experience. At my location I think the turnover rate is due to bad work ethic and not just company policy, however I do agree some of the policies are difficult to follow or not enforced properly.

There are many days where I hate my job, but theres one thing that can always make my day better and thats when my team is happy. I love my co-workers and some of them are the kindest people I've met.
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