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From Ogden, Utah (at&t) — 10/09/2009

I have worked at the Ogden location for about 3 months now and the reviews I have seen for this location arenít very accurate to my understanding. There has been a big project change recently (at&t) and that change has required that there be a lot of changes to the way things are least thatís what it sounds like when looking at the other reviews for this location.

PAY- Is better than my previous telecom job ($8.50). In training I got $8.75 an hour and now that Iím on the floor I get $9.75 an hour. In 5 months I will be making $10.25 an hour. I have spoken to other agents and this pay raise DOES happen. This job is seriously the easiest thing I have done. I only get a really difficult call like every three days or so. For the pay it is not hard to help someone out with their cell phone issues. Most calls are customers asking about charges on their bill that they donít understand and if they donít think they should pay it and you agree with them at&t gives you $250 PER CALL to adjust off of their bill. But that all just depends on the kind of person you are. A lot of the time I feel that the charges are legitimate and thatís what I tell them..they usually donít get mad. So yeah basically good pay for what the job asks for.

RESPECT- I donít see my supervisor a lot. Mostly because I donít need to. I know well enough how to do my job by now that if I really do have a question itís usually something that can only be handled by a sup or mentor. How often I see him is beside the point though because when I do interact with him he is very nice and always asks if I need any help with anything. He is very encouraging and letís me know that my work is appreciated. The mentors (floor walkers) are generally happy people, however there are a select few that are a little too serious about life. I usually avoid those ones.

BENEFITS- Okay, the benefits suck. But since Iím 19 I can still be covered under my momís health insurance until Iím 25. The only benefit I have to use is dental because that is one part of her insurance that recently dropped me when I stopped going to college. I donít even know how much dental costs. Ha. I do know, however, that the Aetna plans they offer take half of peoplesí paycheck! This is one part of the job I would not consider taking advantage of.

JOB SECURITY- Great. Before I even had an interview I was asked if I was willing to make a full time 9 month commitment at the very least. I saidÖHELL YES! Again I believe that this is because of the recently acquired at&t project. There is a lot of room for advancement since weíre trying to increase the number of agents by 150-200. I think we just hired 3 new supervisors. Iím looking to advance as well but first I want to make sure I know anything and everything I can about being an agent.

WORK/LIFE BALANCE- Is meh. I wouldnít expect less from a full time job. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday I go in at 1:00 get off at 9:30 and Saturday and Sunday I go in at 10:00 get off at 6:30. I feel my shift gives me enough time to get whatever I need done before work and spend time with my boyfriend after work. This IS the shift I picked for myself.

CAREER/POTENTIAL GROWTH- Addressed this in the job security section. I donít know if would ever consider it for my career, but it is better than a lot of other jobs I think.

LOCATION- Can be scary sometimes. Every now and then when Iím walking to my car and itís dark I get a little creeped out, but there is a fire station right across the street and there are cops there all the time. I think the fact that it is right behind The Junction helps ward off sketchy people also.

CO-WORKERíS COMPETENCE- Is also meh. There is this one woman that loves to complain about every aspect of her job. But other than that if you have a question to ask someone you are more than likely going to get the right answer out of them. Every one there is good at being pro at one particular thing so something youíre not too sure about could be what the person right next to you has already perfected.

WORK ENVIRONMENT- Is awesome. There is always some cleaning lady cleaning something somewhere. I swear they clean the bathrooms 6 times a day. Thereís a quiet room with two massage chairs that are clean and pretty nice to sit in. The break room is cool, too. It has a big flat screen TV that is usually playing some kind of sport or movie. Two stations that you can play video games at. Thereís a lot of choices in the vending machines, and we just barely got a new vendor in there too! Doolittleís Deli. They make grilled cheese, French dip, Navajo tacosÖthereís other things but Iím not usually hungry at work so I donít know what they are for sure. The only bad thing I would say about the work environment is sometimes itís hard to find a working computer. Thereís currently like 9 computers that donít run systems correctly but they all have tickets submitted on them so theyíll be fixed within the next month.

I like my job at Teleperformance Ogden and I think thatís mostly because at&t has their balls in a vice. Ha ha.
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