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From Boise, ID — 03/05/2009

Thi job is the best job I have ever had. The Pay is good for what you do. It seems really tough at first but if you stick it out for a month or 2 you can easily become a pro at this job. There is about as much respect to be expected from a call center here. We get a party once a month for everyone who is doing well in their stats. This can be upwards of 60-70 agents. There is plenty of room for growth because upper management changes alot. As long as you treat the job as a job and not like a joke then you don't have to worry about getting fired. People who do get demoted or fired usually are trying to cheat and cut corners cause they don't want to work hard. I wish there was more one on one training and accountability for agents who do not do their job properly. It is to easy to get by with doing your job poorly. This usually us because other agents are too spoiled and think everything should be handed to them. They don't want to learn new polocies but that is what this business is about. All in All if you want a job that is challenging and has tangable goals and stats then work here. You will get daily updates on how well you are doing and how to improve. You can easily excell
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