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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth5
Work Environment3

From Ohio — 03/01/2009

Ohio-I have worked for Teleperformmance for the last 3 years, and I have seen a lot. The pay I think is not bad, I started at $7 an Hour in training and makes around $12 now. Of course I went to work and applied myself in order to move up, and I am now a trainer. That is not to say that I do not agree with a lot that goes on with "The Good Old boys club". I know that it goes on, but eventually everything comes to light, and when it does all that is done in the dark will be out in the open. When I am at work I demand and give respect, almost everyone refers to me as Mr., out of respect for me, because I show them the same. Yes there are a lot of supervisors, and support staff who do not display respect, and have their position because of the Good Old boys club, but it has to start with someone, and there are a lot of disrespectful agents as well. This is a real job, not an after school special, or a place to kick it and hook-up. If you do not want to really work and do your job then stay home. This can be said for all employees. I think all benefits plans are a rip off, and I do not have any so no comment. I do believe my job is secure as long as all these people who want to come to work and steal from the company, in the form of getting a paycheck in which they do not deserve. Are fired or quit before they close our doors. A lot of this has to do with their hiring practices; a lot of these people should never be hired, for a company that wants to project a professional image to the business world. I my own personal situation my life and work do not balance very well, but itís a catch 22 either way it go, do I think they could work more with me yes, is it horrible of them that they do not, not really. The career potential and growth I believe is in the eye of the beholder, when I started their I should have be promoted a lot sooner than I was, but slowly but surely I am getting where I need to be, by hard work and perseverance. The location I believe is okay I live in another city, and I do not worry about my safe when I am there. My co-workers competence varies, a lot of them I do believe should not be in there position because of their lack of job knowledge, but there are a lot of people who are not in high positions that have a wealth of knowledge and should be in higher positions. Our work environment has been constantly changing, and my hope is that one day it will get better. Seems too be going in the right direction. Over-all I do not think this is a bad place to work; they have just made some poor decisions when it comes to management in what seems to be a lot of the sites. But this can be corrected, and I am sure there are enough of good employees at each site that they could probably solve the upper management problems. There also must be a corporate responsibility to ensure that no corners are being cut when it comes to making sure employees are being taken care of in the form or wages, benefits, working stations, and equipment, along with supervisor's and support staff who are capable of doing their jobs.
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