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From Ogden, UT — 08/25/2010

Its a call center, what can i say? I dont expect the customers(im on the ATT project) to be all amazing. But thats customer service anywhere. So look at it as a freakin job. We get paid well, its full time with LOTS of overtime possibilities, the work enviroment and management team is amazingly helpfull and willing to move you up asap if you are COMPITENT! you can not be some retard(as half the people who rate this as negative are) who expects everything to come easy and to be handed your paycheck on a silver platter. Yes you have to show up to work and yes it has to be on time. Your expected to do your job and if you suck, guess what... THEY DONT FIRE YOU!!! they work with you to fix what ever it is you are not doing right and you get hands on help. The benifits are expensive, but they are there. The location is as safe as it gets for being in Ogden. Co workers are mostly people trying to get easy pay and then realising you actually have to perform and work... then end up quiting. most likely (as im finding out) if you keep a positive attitude, TRY HARD, and keep trying to get better(yes that means you have to be able to take critisism you panzies) then you will most likely do one of 2 things. Move up or stay an agent simply because you get sales bonuses. And no its not a hard core sales job, just have to make an offer. If the customer doesn't wanna hear it, drop it and move on. Simple as that. Bottom line, for as easy as it is to get this job and what the job entails, the Ogden call center is AMAZING! Ive worked here for 2 1/2 months and am seeing movement opertunites. Give it a shot and if your honestly looking to do work, this is a good job for you.
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