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From Montgomery, Al — 08/04/2010

I've only been working at Target for a few weeks, but so far my experience has been mostly positive. I had OK training, but would have liked a little more practice before jumping into it (I was put on a register the SAME day I was trained and I had never been a cashier before). My managers are nice and the employees are pretty fun and helpful. The pay could be better, but I am thankful just to have a job in this economy. True, I am a college grad and working at Target was never my "calling" but it's work and it's money. The job can be tedious and the hours can be heinous, especially closing. You're only supposed to be their until 11, but I have yet to get out before midnight. I suppose it depends on the store, but i don't have many negative things to say. Hey, at least it's not Wal Mart.
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