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From Florida — 07/18/2010

Retail and customer service is never fun but Target is one of the better companies to work for as far as respect, work environment, making sure you get your breaks, etc. However, the worst part about working there is that they deliberately hire too many people so you never get many hours.

I however have one specific quibble with them. I'm 17 but I have already graduated from High School. According to Florida labor law once you have graduated you no longer have any hour or break restrictions placed on you like all other minors.

However Target likes to stay "one step ahead of the law" so they require me to take a lunch every 3 hours, not work more than 8 hours, not stay past 9:45PM (the law for minors in school is 10:00PM but they like to "stay one step ahead of the law"). This results in me getting even less hours than I might have and only getting 3 hours shifts and stuff like that.

When I worked at a fast food place (don't want to get too specific and give myself away) they never paid attention to the law. I sometimes had to work until 1:00AM on a school night, I never got my breaks, we were often seriously understaffed, etc but I did get a lot of hours. I even got overtime when it was the busy season.

So it seems that for the time being I have to choose between either making decent money or having good working conditions. C'est la vie.
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