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From Richland, WA — 03/28/2010

I applied online via Target's online application. I had applied for another Target in our area a few times, and never even had an interview. About three days after applying to the second Target in my area (which is farther away and I had never been to), I was called in for an interview. I went in and did all three interviews in a period of about an hour and a half. I never had to go online for a survey like most people keep mentioning.

The first guy I trained with (for cashiering and sales floor) wasn't the best trainer. He's one of our LODs and doesn't always remember that people don't know everything about the job when they come in. He generally explained things well enough, but there were a few times I was lost. The second guy I trained with trained me in electronics and more sales floor stuff. He was great, and I learned a lot of things I should have learned the previous day.

I'm really glad this Target hired me. The other Target in my area has some very unfriendly people, and the store is usually pretty bad looking. The Target I'm at really focuses on being kind to the guests and to each other, and we're working to make our store look its best at all times of the day. I'm still fairly new, but I can start a conversation with any of my coworkers without any fear of looking stupid or having them get angry at me. We work and act like a team. We also enjoy poking fun at each other over the walkies throughout the day (which I'm sure makes us seem like crazies to the customers =P). We start off each of our three daily huddles by doing recognitions. We basically recognize a coworker for something outstanding they did, or thank them for helping with something when we needed it. It's a great team booster and helps everyone be in a positive mood!

The pay isn't that great... Minimum wage, with a chance for a raise each year, I believe. But all of us definitely get enough hours! I worked 25 hours in three days, and I had only been scheduled for about 15. They're really good about giving people more hours when they want them, or cutting or rearranging hours when people ask.

Many times, when a lot of people are scheduled to work after closing (usually until 10:30), the LOD gives an incentive to finish cutting signs, zoning, sorting, and finishing all the miscellaneous work. It's usually just a free drink of our choice or something random, but it just depends on the week and how much work we've done.

Also, even though I haven't been at Target for very long, I've already been trained on sales floor, cashiering, electronics, a bit of backroom work, and I will be training for softlines and guest service soon. Our store is pushing for everyone to be "champion trained" (trained in all areas of the store) so we can all respond to backup calls and work different departments when we need to. It's helped me get more hours, and it's really quickened our response times during busy days.

Obviously, every store is different. I think that I would have been absolutely miserable working at the other Target in my area. But the store I'm at is really amazing. I love the people, and I love the environment. It'd help if it was closer to where I live, but that's kinda hard to change =P So really, the experience you have depends on the store you work at. Simple as that.
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