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From Houston area — 02/23/2010

Okay, I consider myself a stay-at-home-mom. I work when kids are in school, or 6pm-cl when kids are out of school. I mainly cashier, and cash office (my most favorite shift)

So in my situation... work/life balance is great. I only want to work part time. I monthly look at my calendar and write down all my time off requests far in advance. I also choose to keep one day "unavailable" to fill up various things in life that pop up.

Pay is low... but pay is low in retail. I am the queen of under $10/hr jobs. Target is "average" in my book.

Benefits. I'm a mom... so I appreciate the 10% discount... sometimes an additional 10% off store brands. And I use (and pay off monthly) my Target card for additional 10% off bonus days... sometimes double & triple dip discounts and use coupons. I'm buying groceries for the family that I would still have to otherwise buy whether I work for Target or not. I never pay more than $5 for any item of clothing... 3 kids, shoes!, husband in polos and chinos, etc...

I also do 401k (5% match) not much money, but it's no-brainer savings

I have a wonderful GE-ETL I feel that she respects us. Our STL is a distant, detatched ice queen. The other ETL's range from over-worked and tired, to baby-butt brand new (I wanna burp one) to the softlines ETL who is a rude clueless clod. She nags and belittles on the walkie (yes, customers CAN hear you!) She refuses to answer when LOD (for guest service) and doesn't know the most basic cashier/guest service transactions.

As a cash-office team member, the softlines ETL decides it is our duty to do price challenge reports. (a COMPLETELY unrelated task, but oh well) When a guest challenges a price (says it's $4.50 instead of $5.00) it goes on a report. With the cashier's name on it... which boggles my mind, are they tracking that? Do they want us to screw with a guest over 50 cents (or make them happy) Anyway, I'm supposed to run around the store and check... was the price incorrect?

I find several issues where an item REALLY is on sale, (not expired) but rang up regular price. Not the fault of a cashier, the guest didn't read it wrong... REALLY ON SALE! Her solution to the problem? I should take the sale sign down. I protest, not "fair" to the guest. She doesn't get it... problem solved if we just remove the sale sign, right?? No need to fix the price, right?

Anyway, I, myself, have nothing to complain about. I don't work much, MY direct etl treats me with respect. But there is some true problems there. They don't know how to say THANK YOU (that doesn't cost a dime, btw)

Oh one gripe is as a closer. You are at the mercy of the closing ETL. They determine when the work is done and time to go home. They call us to go clock out. So the whole crew clocks out, and waits by the locked door. For sometimes as long as 15 min or more to be let out. (unpaid) Why?? Lazy, ETL if you aren't ready to let us out, don't send us to the time clock. No one likes spending 15 min at Target UNPAID and unable to leave. The rest of the day, people finish their shift and walk out the door. Closers shouldn't have to wait too.
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