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From PA — 02/22/2010

As I read through the comments so far, I am not terribly amazed. A lot of complaints, which I expected -- it is retail, and we get the worst employees. There is a "no one works as hard as me" syndrome at Target that is annoying. Get over yourself. You are working retail for some reason just like the rest of us. Retail is hard work for little pay and guests suck and the hours are not cushy. Now, I will review Target as a retail job, not as I would like my ideal job to be. The pay is better than any of my other retail jobs. I started as a regular sales floor team member at Target making almost what I made as a department manager at Wal Mart. While retail hours are never fun, they have been extremely accomodating with my other job at a local theatre. They've worked around my rehearsal and performance schedule like a dream. I've never wanted for hours, in fact I've had to turn them down on more than one occasion. Except for the whining of "no one works but me" (which comes from EVERY employee there, which in itself proves that it's a mass delusion) the environment is great. If you think management is playing "favorites" or you are being "punished," maybe you need a reality check and step off your pedestal. There ARE definitely favorites at any job -- those who DO the work instead of whining about doing work. "I'm tired cuz of school" or "I shouldn't have to clean" ?? Seriously? Quit Target then. Those of us who don't have the time to whine about the work and are doing the work will be glad to have someone else put in your job!
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